As if I needed another excuse to drop cash and shelf space to another line of Funko Pop’s to add to my worryingly large collection?

Funko announced it’s releasing a line of Funko Pop! vinyl figures for the absolute nutter Crash Bandicoot. It includes six variants of Crash himself, to be released in November this year, <hint> just in time for early Christmas shopping! </hint>

crash bandicoot

So, we’ve got Crash and a black-and-white limited edition Chase figure. Then there are four exclusives including a furry flocked Crash, a jetpack-equipped Crash, a glow-in-the-dark Crash, and a leather-clad Biker Crash, These all being exclusive to retailers in the USA so hopefully they will appear online at some point.

The line also includes the series’ loyal villain, Dr. Neo Cortex, complete with his signature ray gun looking very pleased with himself.

Are you looking forward to padding out your Pop collection with these? what games would you like to see immortalised in Pop figures next? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to spread the #PoweredOn revolution using our share buttons at the bottom of this article.