We called time on another EGX two weeks ago, this year was bigger but was it better? The lineup of games gets larger each year with more and more support being shown to the indie devs.

Giving the smaller, independent studios the exposure they need is vital to the games industry if it were not for those pioneers we wouldn’t be currently enjoying these heady times in gaming. Indies push each other and make the big studios think hard about their own projects and shows like EGX giving these guys such a large space is fantastic.

On that note, my favourite indie of the show was Lake Ridden from Midnight Hub, visually this was one of the most impressive games on display. The art style is the first thing that draws you to the game, comic book meets oil painting would be one way to sum it up. Lake Ridden is a puzzle game about two sisters who vanishes whilst out on a wilderness hike, the player must piece together the mystery of what happened to her. An atmospheric, gloomy yet beautiful game that simply begs to be seen to be believed and of course played.

The major game that stole the show for me will probably come as no surprise, Star Wars Battlefront 2. Whilst the first title in the rebooting of Battlefront built on everything we loved about the original games Battlefront 2 takes it up two notches. Not only are we going to be treated to a canon storyline but the multiplayer has been ramped up as well.

Battlefront 2 posses both great visuals and stunning sound design, fighting on Naboo felt like we’d been sucked right into the movies, the fun and frantic battles were enhanced by the addition of heroes again but this time with new faces and abilities.

I have to go with the general consensus on worst in show and say that unfortunately, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took the EGX wooden spoon. I must follow up that sentence by saying the game itself wasn’t the problem, it was the presentation. Having to wait for two hours to play one of the most anticipated console crossovers in recent memory wasn’t a problem. The problem was only getting ten minutes to play and not actually having a real game mode to try out, you simply had to pick up from where the last person left off, wherever that may have been and play against terrible bots. To add insult to a pretty hefty injury, the build was for PC despite being in the Xbox area. Not the best way to show off a popular upcoming title that Xbox desperately needs in its arsenal.

Heres to next year!