Sheesh, if Carlsberg made weeks, right EA?

It’s probably beneficial for us all if we recap the absolute circus of events surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II this week– after online anger about the amount of in game currency required to unlock characters in Battlefront II (approximately 40 hours of online play to unlock one of the top end characters), EA gave an apology which fast became the most downvoted comment in Reddit history. Following that, EA drastically reduced the amount of in game currency required to unlock playable characters, acknowledging their very public slip up…. *Breathe*

The bad publicity for EA doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop just yet. According to numerous Reddit and Twitter posts, EA has removed the refund button from their online portal, seemingly trying to dissuade customers from refunding Battlefront II before launch.

“I find EA’s lack of common sense disturbing” – Lord Vader

I myself was guilty of having an opinion about this before I had the full story so I did some further reading– EA hasn’t suddenly removed a button that would have previously allowed a refund on a pre-ordered game. The refund button never existed for pre-ordered games in the first place. 

Customers can still get a refund on their copies of Battlefront II and other titles, but they will need to go through EA’s online live chat system to do so. As of writing, EA live chat has a waiting time of over 90 Minutes to reach a member of staff, so you could be there for quite a while.

So, just take the easy option, you can wait until the game launches, at which point the refund button will appear and you can click it for a one step easy refund. Basically, the refund button is present for released titles, not pre-ordered ones– EA’s no doubt emotionally crippled Customer Service team would really appreciate it, I’m sure.

battlefront II
Worrying scenes in the EA contact centre

EA have undoubtedly warranted the absolute shit storm they’ve been getting, this whole fiasco is an embarrassment on modern gaming and micro transactions in a full price AAA title is the work of satan himself– But they haven’t stopped offering refunds for Battlefront II out of the blue.

Bottom line – Hate EA, hate micro transactions, but remember the person at the end of the chat or the phone is a human and they have nothing to do with the dipshit decisions the shareholders are making.

Its also surfaced that developers are also receiving death threats…. Over a feature… In a game– Guys, come on?

So I’m up to 7 death threats, and over 1600 individual personal attacks now (and yes, for legal reasons I’m keeping track). And why, you might ask? Because of an unpopular feature in a game.

— Sean ? (@BiggSean66) November 13, 2017

Death threats are unacceptable, there are more important things in life than video games.

We’re all gamer’s, lets not start ripping each other apart, please?

No doubt we’ll have more on this story when EA makes the next screw up.