Given how popular FIFA 18 has been, its direct competitor PES 2018 gets forgotten a lot of the time– unfairly so, as this years is probably the best entry in the last 5 years.

Konami published a brief announcement today about their new partnership with Barcelona-based eFootball.Pro to establish a “professional eSports competition” for PES 2018 which is headed up by none other than Gerard Pique.

While it’s yet unclear what this competition will look like, when it will take place, or what the stakes will be, Konami’s announcement follows through on statements in its most recent earnings report that the company would pursue “aggressive promotions within the area of eSports.”

pes 2018

Working with eFootball.Pro, Konami states that it plans to establish an “international league” for PES 2018 that will “attract players from all over the world” and be internationally broadcast.

Incidentally, back in September Konami said that it had hooked up with the Union of European Football Associations (or UEFA) to make its extant PES eSports competition, the PES League World Tour 2018, the UEFA Champion League’s official eSports competition. It’s yet unclear how these two deals with intersect, if at all.

With the eSports arena growing rapidly we’re expecting to see plenty more games signing up to support professional tournaments.

We’ll bring you more on this story as Konami release further details.