Opening Day is due to kick off in around five weeks time but there is action on the way before it all goes down. Overwatch League Preseason play begins on December 7 for Europe as they take the stage for the first time at the new Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles.

You can tune into all the Preseason action at or watch on The Overwatch League teams are set to compete in a series of ‘warm-up’ exhibition matches. There are currently three matches scheduled each day beginning 12 pm GMT on Thursday, December 7th and continuing through to Sunday, December 10th. The full schedule is here.

Blizzard explains that the preseason action is a chance for Overwatch League teams to prepare for the regular season, competing in unranked matches will help shake off the cobwebs and make sure the teams are in the best shape to take on the league itself, a common practice throughout most sports.

The Overwatch League Opening Day is slated for January 10th, we recently covered the new token system for no league players to unlock team skins as well as previewing those skins in our post earlier this week.

That’s not all though as Blizzard continues to push OWL with a collection of officially licensed shirts, jackets, New Era hats, and other merchandise now available over at the Blizzard Gear Store.

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