They Are Billions, the highly anticipated real-time strategy title from Numantian Games is set to be launched via Steam Early Access on December 12th

We’ve been keeping an eye on They Are Billions for some time now in hope of getting our hands on the full game but it appears that wait is finally over.

They Are BillionsSet in the distant future, you are tasked with building and managing a human colony in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. The world has been reduced to nothing but the walking dead except for a few thousand remaining human survivors. They Are Billions is presented in a Steampunk style accompanying some killer graphics, making it certainly a unique offering visually. Perhaps the most impressive or scary feature is the game engines ability to handle to 20,000 on screen zombies at one time. Even more so because each zombie is programmed with their own AI so they react to each situation differently. I know right!?!

This release will include the Survival Mode which offers a range of difficulty settings, four unique maps, and hours of hardcore, unforgiving entertainment. In Survival Mode, a random world is generated with its own population of infected, geography, weather and events. To win, the colony must survive a set amount of days (80, 100, 120, or 150) all whilst repelling ever-growing waves of zombies.

They Are BillionsUnlike most of RTS games, They Are Billions is all about the strategy rather than quick key presses. This is where the games pause mode comes in handy so players can better plan their next move to avoid being crushed by the game’s hordes of zombies. Should even just 1 zombie gain access to your colony then it could lead to the ruin of humanity.

Here’s a list of game features you can look forward to:
  • Real-time Strategy with Pause Mode: In Pause Mode, you can build your structures and setup commands for your army. This game is about strategy, not quick key commands.
  • Oversee a Colony: Build, Fight, Defend, and Gather Resources for your colony. Don’t let the infected take over!
  • Build an Army: Train and contract mercenaries to protect your colony and destroy the infected. Each mercenary is unique with their own set of skills and personalities!
  • Thousands of Units on the Screen: Defeat billions of zombies. The custom engine can handle up to 20,000 of the infected in real time.
  • 4K Graphics: Steampunk and Victorian Style Graphics. Dozens of units with more than 1,500 frames of animation.

Numantian games are hoping to have They Are Billions out of early access and fully released in 2018. A full campaign is also currently in development and the studio plan to release that mode alongside its full release.

The early access version will cost $24.99 which should roughly convert to between £19.99 and £24.99 UK price. You can find out more about the game on Numantian Games official website.

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