After spending some time with the Metal Gear Survive beta, PoweredOn offers up its thoughts on a game that’s struggling to sell itself

When Metal Gear Survive was first announced, you could feel everyone’s excitement build in anticipation of another Metal Gear game so soon after The Phantom Pain. But, gamers anticipation soon turned to confusion with the trailer showing off something that resembled nothing of the Metal Gear franchise as we know it.

Survive is apparently set in between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain but in an alternate reality. There you will find a world overrun by hostile, crystal headed zombie-like humans to contend with. The main goal of the game is to withstand their onslaught through base defence and resource gathering. As you can see, this is where the confusion is. Metal Gear games have always been about tactical espionage but this takes a completely different form. Ultimately, this left many scratching their heads and questioning the inclusion of the Metal Gear name in the title.

Unfortunately, the beta doesn’t give any more details on what we can expect from the story or more insight into how it ties in but it gave us plenty of gameplay to test out.

We did leave the beta pleasantly surprised and found ourselves quite hooked, to be honest. Once you look past the misleading title and view Metal Gear Survive as its own entity then it actually holds up rather well. Crafting and customization are abundant with an extensive arsenal for you to play with. Late on into a game, a Metal Gear mech could be called in to assist should you have earned the required points. This was a nice little touch but far from ‘Metal Gear’ worthy. Character customization is also in-depth with plenty of options to make your avatar unique from those you encounter.

Gameplay wise, it kept us fully entertained throughout. Each game consisted of 3 rounds, with those becoming increasingly more difficult as time went on. Admittedly, we found these become easier as our character levelled up and more items unlocked but with the beta limited to easy and normal modes, we have no doubt the final product will step up the difficulty curve.

The beta didn’t sell us into making a day one purchase as we still have too many questions regarding how the game fits in and earns the Metal Gear title. We feel that the Metal Gear label has been slapped on to help the game sell but in honesty, the game could have stood on its own two feet if Konami had a bit more confidence in their product. It is also the first Metal Gear game to be released since Hideo Kojima well-documented departure from the studio so that could be a factor here.

All in all, we had a lot of fun playing the Metal Gear Survive beta but wished it had shown just a tad more to give us more of a taste of what we could potentially be buying into.

Of course, these are our thoughts but its all open to a discussion using the comments section below!