Ubisoft has revealed more details regarding its upcoming Outbreak event for Rainbow Six Siege with Zombies and Aliens making an appearance

The outbreak event will be free to all Rainbow Six Siege owners and runs from March 6th through until April 3rd. For those unaware, Outbreak is a cooperative multiplayer mode which pits 3 players against a horde made up of the undead and extraterrestrials. It also forms a major section of the first season of year 3’s content known as Project Chimera.

Ubisoft had been tight-lipped regarding Outbreak up until now but the below trailer gives us our first glimpse of what players can expect. This came alongside an official blog post containing the following synopsis:

A few days ago, a mysterious space capsule crashed near Truth or Consequences in New Mexico. It turned out to be carrying an exotic parasite, the Apex, which infected the area and turned the town’s populace into monsters. The Quarantine Zone is the only thing keeping it contained but it will not last for long. If the parasite gets out, it would be a disaster of global proportions. Millions would die. Rainbow’s mission is to enter the devastated town and destroy the parasite’s roots before this happens.

You can read the full blog post using the link here.

Other items noted in the blog post point out that the mode will be limited to certain operators due to the type of gameplay involved and 3 exclusive co-op maps will also be added which are suitable more open and bigger than the main games PvP maps.

It appears Ubisoft has truly gone all out for this event and haven’t left a stone left unturned to give its fan base a mode they will enjoy.

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