Sunday, February 18, 2018
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PoweredOn is one of the fastest growing sites in the gaming industry, already set to deliver 1.7 million advert impressions after just 3 months of launching. If you are interested in advertising on PoweredOn and would like our rate card please send an email with your contact details and relevant information to

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BoomSlang Ltd.
International House, 12 Constance Street, London, E16 2DQ, United Kingdom


About us

Carrying a particular tone and heaps of ambition. PoweredOn is a digital hotspot for gaming sophisticates and social trailblazers looking to expand their insights past the limits of most magazine’s printed pages.

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Meet The Team

PoweredOn Founder/Managing Editor

Adam Howes
Founder & Writer for PoweredOn. A fan of all things Sci-fi and partial to a bit of Gin. Never pictured myself as a writer but here I am giving it a go.... be gentle!

BoomSlang Founder/Dev/AdOps

Nick Betts
I once made a goat go into labour and like to shoot fireworks from parts of my body. Now retired from being ranked #1 on Piano Tiles 2 in the U.K - if that's not metal I don't know what is? Currently hooked on Horizon Zero Dawn.

Social Media/Managing Editor

Dan Nicholls
Gamer, Guitarist, Aspiring blogger. Love retro, Minecraft, RPG's and Survival Horror.

Managing Editor

Jay Brown
Eyewitness to the power of street knowledge, 90's Gamer, wishes Sega would create a new console. Enjoys beer based activities.


Dan Nightingale
Hello, I do not want to bore you with my personal life on this Bio, but I will. My tastes for film and games are simple and varied, I just want to be entertained. I love putting my pessimistic and often negative opinion across, especially when I've not even been asked.


Rich Burnham
Husband, dog owner & aspiring blogger. 20% Wolverine. I have eclectic taste, but will generally dig anything our Disney overlords are involved in.


Loz Balaam
Father, gamer, guitarist and aspiring blogger.


Simon Jones
Life-long gaming nerd with a love of Metal, a passion for e-sports, and an obsession with Star Wars and League of Legends.


Madge Barbs
Alright, I'm Madge. I sit at the PoweredOn/BoomSlang offices in the big L, forward mail on and lick envelopes for a living. The guys would be lost without me.